Central Heating & MagnaClean

Boiler Installation

Upgrading your central heating system with a new compact energy efficient boiler can save you money and give you extra space in your kitchen.


If your boiler is over ten years old it could be wasting a lot of valuable energy. Many new boilers can improve efficiency by 90% resulting in considerable savings on your annual bill.


Choosing the best boiler for your property can be confusing. We use our considerable experience to recommend the best boiler to suit your personal requirements from the wide range of boilers available.


P.A. Aggett Plumbing & Heating based in Newton Abbot understand how important a reliable heating system is. We can inspect your current system and advise on the savings you could be making, simply call call 01626 354883 or 07860 448413 to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.


The MagnaClean

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P.A. Aggett Plumbing & Heating can supply, fit and maintain a MagnaClean Professional Filter on your system, we believe that it will improve the performance of your central heating system and prevent problems caused by a ‘dirty’ system.


Over time, most central heating systems will experience a build-up of black sludge. This comes from iron oxide deposits in your central heating system and removing these can help keep your system operating at its best.


The MagnaClean Professional filter is a high efficiency magnetic filter which removes virtually 100% of circulating sludge.


How The MagnaClean Works

Replacement Boilers Newton Abbot 2The idea behind the MagnaClean is very simple. As water flows through your heating system (pipes, radiators and your boiler etc, it picks up small amounts of swarf (small particles of metal and debris) The MagnaClean contains a magnet, as water flows back from the heating system, the MagnaClean, picks up the swarf, which sticks to the magnet and therefore does not continue to flow through your heating system, boiler and radiators, which can cause sludge that is corrosive. This also protects the heat exchanger in the boiler and this stops the water ways from furring up and becoming small, further impairing the performance of your boiler.


The Benefits of using a MagnaClean

This means that your hot water flows at a higher pressure, your house will heat up faster, you will use less gas (saving money!) and your heating system will run much more efficiently.


The MagnaClean offers added protection to your boiler against damage, helps it to last longer and to run more efficiently. This reduces the risk of central heating breakdowns, will give you substantial savings on central heating maintenance as well as extending the life of the heat exchanger and system pump.

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